Tricks to Edit HTML on Blogspot

If we edit the HTML blog, will sometimes have difficulty, especially for those who are beginners. Whether it could not find the code that would be edited, or could not be saved because of an error. Well, tricks and tips this time will try how to address those issues.Here are some tips to edit HTML bogger:

1. Backup Template

Backup template is important because if things happen that are not cool, such as blogs become damaged then we can make it as in the past (before damage) if we have previously been backing up the template. How to backup the templates is easy. Simply click on the link “Download Full Template” and save the template file in our computer. If something goes wrong we can not overcome, we just upload the template file.

2. Giving Signs Check the box “Expand Widget Templates”

It is sometimes forgotten the “editor”. If the box “Expand Widget Templates” is not checked then the code that is sought may not be found. But sometimes, this should be done depends on the tutorial instructions. So, watch carefully when going to the Edit HTML tutorial blog.