KRATON, The King of Yogyakarta Palace

Located in the center of the main axis runs north to south, and the secondary axis from east to west. Surrounded by mountains called the horizon as the edge of the universe.

It lies between the northern boundary and the monument as a backdrop Krapyak the southern border between Code River in the east and west of the river Winongo. Between Mount Merapi and the Southern Ocean, the Palace in the spirit of the Java company, defined as the center of the world described as the center of the universe.
History Kraton

After Giyanti treaty, Prince Mangkubumi given region of Yogyakarta. To run his government, Prince Mangkubumi build a palace in 1755 Bering in the forest. This land is considered very good because flanked by two rivers that protect it from possible flooding. The first king in the sultanate of Yogyakarta is the title of Prince Lane Mangkubumi I (HB I).
Naming and sense of design