Lies About The WTC Events


A few years ago after the collapse of the World Trade Center event (September 11, 2001) circulated a rumor that the contents mengkait to associate the scene with the verse of Surat Al-Tauba 109.

The rumor was full of it this way:

Surat Al-Tauba 109: “So if the people who founded the building on the foundation of God’s mercy and good taste (his) was good, or if those who founded the building to collapse, construction fell with him into the Fire. And God does not give instructions to persons who are hurting. No mention of the collapse of a building because of construction are the bad guys. Al-Tauba In the letter mentioned the word “JURUFIN HAR” a review of previous researchers translated “on the verge of collapse” is 14 centuries later, the word became the name of a street in New York where the WTC its creation, namely: Road Jerf MDT.

No mention of the collapse of a building because construction is bad. Al-Tauba In the letter mentioned the word “JURUFIN HAR” a review of previous researchers translated “on the verge of collapse” is 14 centuries later, the word became the name of a street in New York WTC was created, namely: Road Jerf MDT.

WTC buildings collapsed on 11/09/2001. See some similarities (which should not happen only):

December 11 is the date of the World Trade Center tragedy, what a coincidence that the letter of Al-Tauba located in juz 11.

Months after the tragedy that was the month of September (9 months), if by chance if the letters are on the order of Al-Tauba 9 of the Quran

Year of the tragedy that was the year 2001, if by chance also if the number of letters in the letter is composed of 2001 A Tauba cards.

The number of levels in the World Trade Center is 109 levels again if you can match – again up to 4 times – when he says in Sura Al-Tauba verse 109.

Apparently, God has given khabarnya 14 centuries without being noticed by humans.

Explanation of a graduate of Al Azhar person:

If we just concluded that the care that can not be found in the name of the Koran. A course of the conclusion is false the conclusion is that it is composed ada.Coba see, for example:
1. Justify the level of 109 WTC buildings? Not poor. WTC buildings that collapsed is composed of 110 levels.   It is a difficult thing to prove. Data can be viewed by Oran! g in the world. Please look at or yahoo search, find information on the World Trade Center in New York.
2. Har Jerf justified in the street? Apparently not. WTC is located on Wall Street.
3. The incident occurred on December 11 of Surat Al Tauba is juz 11? Only people who have never read the Koran says. Clearly the Surah Tauba verse juz 10. More details of the letter of Al-Tauba consists of 129 verses, which is in verse 92 juz 10 and the remainder (37 verses) is juz 11. Is that a coincidence of the date of the incident at the World Trade Center by the letter A-Taubaté not a lie and “rape” Al Quran.
4. In paragraph 109 is kata2 jurufin har. Is clearly refuted by the month, but Wall Street Jerf Har. In any interpretation, if studied at Al Azhar, both in the interpretation of Ar-Razi and others, someone who intends jurufin haar religious sentence “was to indicate the name of a street in the United States. too insignificant and trivial Al-Quran says only a street name. Praise be to God who suggested trifles.
5. It said the number of cards from the first letter of the paragraph numbers 109 2001. Therefore, it is also wrong. Because new in verse 25, the number of letters and 2001. He also said that the number of convictions, 2001, just party and the party itself.

I do not know who this work. Clearly, the modern style of Israiliyah. The work of people who just want to deceive Muslims. And laity who can not hear anything as it would be very mind here and there to make propaganda. He ate raw without suspicion. And after that, for the beliefs and opinions of ordinary people was a big lie. They question the Quran and religious scholars. And the enemies of Islam to work. When these people do not follow dibodohin people? To understand the Koran, the sacred book of all persons didustain so easy.

Again, akhawat ikhwah wal is not easy to play the Koran. good if paragraph 109 is read your comment Alangkan understand its contents. asbabun Nuzulnya understood. Abortion is inserted into the consciousness at the disposal of life in the world and beyond. Even raped by cruel and arbitrary way of defending and, indeed harass miracle of the Qur’an.

As for some time. Some fiddling with the secret number 9 as the miracle of the Qur’an. Apparently, it is also a lie, deny the work of the treaty Bahaiyah SAAS.

What is the nature of the mu `jizat Al Quran? The most important is that the essence of the Koran is the guide for human beings to walk a straight line for the pleasure of Allah SWT. Anyone who has followed the instructions of the Koran will be safe in the world and beyond to get the blessings that no break. This is the miracle of the Quran over time. And the devil has always wanted to distance himself from hekekat Quran was revealed.

Word of God, “Verily this Qur’an give clues on the (road) is more upright and give good news to the believers who do good deeds for them there is great reward” QS. Isra Al: 9

This alone. Hopefully useful. We will live together in the Koran, understand and apply the contents of the Koran. And defense of atheists attack by Al-Quran who hate the Koran.

And Allah knows best


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